Sculpture Gallery

Sculpture images and descriptions


One comment on “Sculpture Gallery

  1. Hey Tom, Jan Trowbridge Francoeur here! I was talking to Carol Tokarski the other day and she mentioned she had spoken to you recently. Carol and I arrived in this small North Carolina town within weeks of each other in 1989. I’m still doing art, painting and clay, and we’ve had a gallery for 23 years. We’ve done well in our little town, it’s beautiful here. I’ve kept up with you through Carol and she told me about your gallery in the UP. I occasionally get mail from Siena Heights, haven’t been back there years. Our families are all still around Adrian and we’re going up there for 2 weeks in june. I’m wishing we could retire from the galley business (employees – ugh) and just sell our work through other galleries, but that probably isn’t going to happen for a while. Just wanted to say hi! Jan

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