A Page of New Paintings

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Two of these works were inspired by our trip in June to Isle Royale National Park.  This was our second stay in Dassler Cabin (the artists’ cabin); we were Artists in Residence there in 2006.  Isle Royale is the least-visited of our national parks.  It is the home of many moose and several wolf packs.  It is magnificently beautiful (no cars!), is accessible only by boat, plane or helicopter, and the park personnel are very nice, as are the few persons who still visit their families’ cabins.  Most of the cabins there are slowly returning to the earth.

"Searching for Icarus," 12" x 12", oil on panel

"Boathouse", 12" x 12", oil, $675


A different series is also in the works; here are two small ones:

"Birds", 8" x 8", oil, $320

“Goat”, 8″ x 8″, oil, $320

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