Late Summer in the U.P.

  Summers in the Keweenaw are short but very sweet.  Cool breezes prevail most days.  The beach beckons.

But the studio dictates.  Artwork demands to be made, deadlines loom, and ideas beg to be given some sort of tangible form.

The recently-finished painting shown at left (12″ x 12″, oil on panel) was inspired by an old boat that was dragged up into the weeds next to Tobin Harbor at Isle Royale National Park.  We had the wonderful good fortune to spend 9 days there in June, and the experience provided imagery for several paintings.  They can be seen at Gallerie Boheme, one of a number of nice art venues in Calumet, which is an artsy little town located on the U.P’s Keweenaw Peninsula.

While I painted this, I found myself wondering if anyone tried to find Icarus after he fell into the sea.  Surely Daedalus must have searched for him.  Icarus’ mother was a slave who belonged to King Minos of Crete.  Her name was Naucrate.  Perhaps she borrowed a boat and went looking for him.



3 comments on “Late Summer in the U.P.

  1. I would love to create things like this, but being amazed by other peoples’ creations is itself a wonder.

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